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Why is gender reveal party a thing?

Why is Gender reveal party even a thing?

If you’re someone like me, you’ve probably had enough of the gender reveal parties gone wrong stories. Gender reveal party started as a trend in the late 2000’s. The unnecessary but seemingly fun party has become popular amongst people in the recent year. Jenna Karvunidis who started this trend itself isn’t as fond of the idea anymore. She is campaigning against gender reveal parties which have now become dangerous in some cases leading to death.

From the first ever gender reveal party, which was harmless to causing massive wildfires, the origin and history of these parties are extremely controversial. As seen in the video, the person who started this trend herself never realised the potential setbacks.

What is a gender reveal party?

If you have been out of the social media scene for a while, you might not understand the concept of a gender reveal party. For about a decade now, gender reveal party is the way of declaring the sex of your baby to the family and friends. Although sometimes combined with baby showers, they are two completely different celebrations.

It started with a mere facebook post of Jenna Karvunidis where she announced the gender of her baby via a cake. Now, the celebrations have gone out of hand and caused trouble that one can only imagine.

The Problem with Gender Reveal colors:

Along with the more obvious physical harms that these parties have cause, the social harm cannot be dismissed. Additionally, these parties promote gender stereotypical constructs which as we now see aren’t easy to kill. The mere idea of assigning the color blue and pink to each gender promotes the idea of binary genders. And it takes years of social education to deconstruct these preconceived notions.

As people now are becoming more aware and accepting of the LGBTQ community, this idea just doesn’t make any sense. It is important that people understand the differences between biological sexes and the gender spectrum.¬†Associating the color blue with a boy child and masculinity and pink with a girl child and femininity creates unnecessary gender biases.

A weird thing came up on Twitter, so I figured I'd share here. Someone remembered it was me who "invented" the gender…

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More than that putting a label in an unborn baby with regards to gender might not be the best way to declare your pregnancy. As you can see in the example of Jenna herself, her daughter doesn’t confine by the typical gender norms and likes to dress of in a tuxedo.

Potential Harms of a gender reveal party:

  1. Physical Damages that till now have even resulted in deaths.
  2. Psychological and Mental health Damages.
  3. Social Issues.
  4. Damages to Environment.

Its 2020 and you still believe in binary genders?

One of the most important things to realise before you throw one of these parties is that the gender isn’t identical to biological sexes. Labelling your kid as a boy or a girl before they even get the chance to understand it themselves can be traumatic to some kids. You need to understand that gender isn’t just blue or pink or he or she.

So, before you go out shopping for your gender reveal props, evaluate if the damages that you potentially might cause in the life of your kid and the society are worth it.

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