About Me - Aayushma Bista

Aayushma Bista

I was born and raised in Lalitpur, Nepal. Born to parents who are both teachers, I spent my childhood mostly at home with my older sister. I also have a younger brother who is now 12. 

I developed my interest in writing and poetry while I was studying in Bangalore. I draw my inspiration to write for events, experiences and mostly nature. I believe that I still have a long way to go from where I am at right now. 

Having studied management for almost 7 years now, it is inevitable for me to not relate things with business. At the same time I also find myself interested in food, lifestyle, health and music. 


Most frequent questions and answers

I was born in Lalitpur, Nepal. I grew up and did my schooling from Nepal Don Bosco School.

Yes, I lived in Bangalore, India for 3 years where I completed my undergraduate degree on Business Administration.

I live in Nepal with my family at the moment.